New information hub a must for foreign tech workers with AI experience has been introduced; it is a new information hub which showcases developments and research in Canada’s burgeoning Artificial Intelligence industry. It is important for the candidates for Canadian immigration with information and communication technology experience.

The hub has been unveiled in Toronto, Ontario at TechTO, and it has been said to be one of the biggest gatherings of Canada’s technology sector.

The has been built by the Toronto-based NEXT Canada with the collaboration of Borealis AI, the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research,Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute, the Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms, and the Vector Institute along with others.

The hub accumulates the news on latest AI research and development in the country and also a directory of Al focused companies, research institutes and organizations. The portal also provides information on the Al events happening all around the country.

Canada is said to be the hub of one of the most advanced Al companies and organizations which are operating all across the country from Montreal to Vancouver. The sole purpose to invest in such technology is to push the boundaries of the country towards growth with the help of artificial intelligence and maintain the position as the leading force of the industry.

The portal would be very useful and would be used for immigration candidates with Al and tech expertise who want to be settled in Ontario, also a focal point of Canada’s Al sector.

Majorly the immigrants who have been nominated by Ontario for permanent residency have been given jobs in the Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) sector. Software engineers and graphic designers are top on the list among the immigrants who were invited through the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) which was later followed computer programmers and interactive media developers.

Human Capital Priorities Stream has opened exclusively for the candidates present in the Federal Express Entry pool who have experience 15 ICT related occupations, in June 2017. The stream has the obligation to be nominating candidates who have a minimum CRS score of 400, neglected that requirement and waived it at instance.

In the year 2017, Canada has also introduced Global Talent Stream to increase the issuance of work permit for highly skilled foreign workers. In the month August, last year, BC Tech Pilot program has been introduced by British Colombia which was designed to bridge the shortage problems in 32 tech-related occupations.

Assessment of Eligibility

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Four Tips to Encourage Employees to Open Up During Collaborative Projects

If you are involved in a creative industry, you probably rely on your employees to come up with good ideas for all of the projects that your company tackles. If you’ve found that your employees aren’t really sharing their creative ideas very much, you might be wondering what you can do to change this. These are a few tips that can help you encourage your employees to open up and share their ideas.

1. Create a No-Judgement Zone

First of all, you should know that some employees might be afraid to share their ideas because they might think that others won’t like them or will ridicule them. However, the more that people share, the more that other employees can build on these ideas to make them better. Therefore, it’s smart to create a “no-judgement” zone where your employees know that they can bring up their ideas without being judged or made fun of.

2. Give Encouragement

Sometimes, employees need just a little bit more encouragement than their management team provides them with. Making sure that you commend your employees for sharing their ideas or coming up with really great ideas can help keep them on the right track. Plus, it can help you show your employees how much you appreciate them and their hard work.

3. Make Collaborative Areas Comfortable

If your employees are not comfortable when working in a group setting, then they might not be able to come up with their best creative ideas. Therefore, it’s important to do what you can to make every collaborative area as comfortable as possible. Putting in comfortable chairs and couches instead of uncomfortable chairs, ensuring that the temperature is kept at the right temperature and otherwise taking steps to make your employees comfortable can make a big difference. Plus, along with making it easier for your employees to get creative, this can also show your employees how much you appreciate them and understand their needs.

4. Provide Different Options for Sharing

Different people are able to share their ideas in different ways. Putting up whiteboard wallpaper can make it easy for your employees to write down ideas where others can easily see them. However, others might prefer to send their ideas to their co-workers via email. Still, others might like being able to talk about their ideas out loud. By giving them more ways to share, you can encourage employees who have trouble communicating to do so.

Even though some of your employees might have really great ideas, they might not be sharing them with their co-workers or your management team for one reason or another. Luckily, though, it is possible for you to change this. If you follow these tips, however, you might find that your employees are willing to share what they are thinking a little more than usual. Then, you might be surprised by the great ideas that your employees can come up with and how much it can improve your company’s projects.


Why Hiring Small Business Accountants Make Sense?

Most of the small business owners’ use numerous hours every week while managing the books as well as creating financial reports. And the business owners also feel that there are just some results to show for it. And it is quite well known that managing small business finances can be really time-consuming and frustrating. So, adding small business accountants to the team can be really helpful to avoid this type of frustration. Besides, by choosing a small business accountant, it is also possible to get help with the books while freeing up your time that you can use in different parts of the business. While most of the small businesses think that it is unaffordable, the truth is that the return on investment in hiring a small business accountant can outweigh the actual cost.

So, here are the reasons why every small business should hire an accountant to grow the business:

To get the business set up properly:

No matter what type of business entity you have, the accountant should have all the answers to define your business goals. In fact, this person is capable of setting up the business entity in such a manner that protects your assets in the best possible manner while offering you maximum tax advantage.

Spending the time in a wise manner:

A business owner can spend his/her time in the best possible manner by working toward the big business goals as well as by securing the clients. So, by hiring the small business accountants, the small business owner can focus on the business properly. It means less time spent inputting data, balancing the books and dealing with the regular transactions and this thing leads to devoting more time to grow the business to make it a big success.

Focusing on business growth:

An accountant is also helpful in deciding the business areas, which are important for growth by analyzing the cash flow pattern of that business. Besides, the small business owner can also optimize the pricing, inventory and other business financing that a small business owner may require.

Getting expert advice and assistance:

Dealing with accounts can often be tough for people, who are not from the accounts background. Therefore, assistance of professional accountants is often needed even in case of the small businesses as these people are capable of offering the much required insight and strategic advice regarding the ins and outs of the businesses.