Common Types of Industrial Cleaning Services Offered by Our Company

A clean environment is vital not only in our homes but also at our workplaces. It is good for our health and also enables us to work on our jobs smoothly and with more motivation. That is why industrial cleaning services are essential. Below are the common types of industrial cleaning services that we offer:

Kitchen exhaust cleaning services

Kitchen exhausts become dirty by accumulating smoke and grease over time, and this becomes a health and safety hazard in the kitchen. Frequent cleaning and maintenance of your kitchen exhaust will not only make your kitchen look cleaner but also make you feel safer and in a more conducive environment. Most restaurant kitchen fires start from the cooking appliances or materials like cloth. That’s why kitchen hood cleaning is highly recommended. Fire outbreaks can also be avoided by proper maintenance and regular cleaning of the kitchen exhaust system. An exhaust system that is well maintained gets rid of grease and smoke efficiently from the building and provide a cleaner, safer kitchen to work in.

HVAC duct and system cleaning

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system is the technology used to provide a conducive environment indoors and in vehicles. The HVAC ducts facilitate the circulation of air within the building. They also allow air to get outside as well. Over time, this leads to dust particles and other contaminants being deposited in the ducts. This makes the HVAC system an ideal location for biological contaminants such as molds to flourish, posing a grave health hazard to all occupants of the building. However, cleaning of the system gets rid of the contaminants before they cause any harm. The cleaning process is usually rigorous, and it involves several methods such as pneumatic cleaning and dry ice blasting. 

Cooling tower cleaning

cooling tower is a device made to regulate heat by rejecting excess heat to the atmosphere either through the use of a coolant such as water through evaporation or by heat transfer. They help to improve the air conditioning of a building. However, over an extended period in use, the cooling tower accumulates dust, organic nutrients, sediment and other pollutants. This poses a significant health hazard as it creates an ideal condition for bacterial growth. The tower can either be cleaned through regular maintenance, which will reduce the build-up of sediments or by chemically treating the cooling tower’s water supply system to kill the bacterial growth. However, a more lasting solution is to conduct a complete cleaning of the whole system to get rid of all the pollutants that had piled up and to ensure the tower is working efficiently. 

Industrial exhaust duct cleaning

Industrial exhaust ducts help in providing quality indoor air in industrial buildings. These exhaust ducts must be taken care of as debris and contaminants build up over time. They not only pose a health hazard to the workers in the building but also reduce the efficiency of the exhaust duct. An inefficient exhaust duct consumes more power and fails to regulate effective air circulation. The duct can be cleaned through several options such as pneumatic cleaning and dry ice blasting. 

A Final Thought:

Cleanliness plays a significant part in determining our health. We should strive to ensure the air we breathe in our workplaces is clean and safe. Industrial cleaning services enable us to achieve that, be it in our kitchens or large industrial workplaces. Contact our reputable industrial cleaning company to learn more.